The Storytellers

These are your Master Storytellers for Fireside Folklore. Click on the name for a full bio and links to their websites.

Chase Anderson

Savannah Ghost Walks Founder R. Chase Anderson is a Savannah Folklorist, Storyteller, Historian, Musician, and Paranormal Researcher with ancestral Savannah roots. Chase became a Savannah tour guide in 1983 when he first started sharing Savannah Ghost Stories to guests on tour.

A year later Chase ignited a music career that lasted 30 years when he shared the stage with Eddie Money, Marshall Tucker Band, Oteil Burbage of the Allman Brothers Band, and Charlie Daniels. In 2000 Chase toured with Luke Bryan’s Neyami Road. Retiring from the road and a full time music career, Chase returned to his early love of Ghosts and opened Savannah Ghost Walks in 2010. He is the co-producer of the Charles Dickens Savannah Christmas Walk and various spirit-filled shows throughout the year.

Anderson contines to perform Storytelling and Music Performances, lead Savannah Ghost Tours, and conduct special events and workshops in paranormal and connected mysterious subject matter throughout Savannah and the Low Country. He has an English degree with a concentration in Shakesperean studies from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT.

Nicholas Wood

As a performing artist and storyteller Nick has a passion for drawing guests in using just his voice and a bit of history. Believing there is a connection to be found between the mysteries of the paranormal and the events of our past, Nick uses his gift for storytelling to weave an image through words. Tales to unlock the secrets of lingering spirits who’s true story’s have become diluted by time worn folklore. Drawing from historical documents, personal family letters, journals and records Nick pieces back together the facts surrounding some of Savannah’s darker moments in time.

Chris Allen

Chris has had a love of all things strange and paranormal from a young age. He began his ghost hunting career at the age of 10 by investigating his grandmothers haunted home. Over the years, he continued to study and ghost hunt in public places. In 2002, at the age of 18, he founded the Paulding Paranormal Society. He quickly gained a reputation in the paranormal field as a knowledgeable researcher. Since then he has logged thousands of hours investigating and has visited many of America’s most haunted locations.
Kellee Kessler

Kellee Kessler has a love of history and folktales, especially ones associated with her longtime home of Savannah. She looks forward to sharing these stories with you!
Phillip Sellers

Historic District Resident
Low Country Raconteur
Historic Researcher
Social Photographer
Period Reenactor
Creative Writer


YouTube personality, traveler, ghost tour guide and former sideshow performer. Grimm has traveled down some of the most interesting roads throughout the United States. For the past 20 years, Grimm has been collecting stories that are rooted in legend, lore and historical fact and documenting them for his YouTube channel and website ‘The Grimm-Life Collective.’